1. Chobe Chilwero

Chobe Chilwero Namibia 1 Chobe Chilwero Namibia 2 Chobe Chilwero Namibia 3

2. Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp Namibia 1 Damaraland Camp Namibia 2 Damaraland Camp Namibia 3

3. Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp Namibia 1 Doro Nawas Camp Namibia 2 Doro Nawas Camp Namibia 3

4. Erongo Wilderness Lodge

Erongo Wilderness Lodge Namibia 1 Erongo Wilderness Lodge Namibia 2 Erongo Wilderness Lodge Namibia 3

5. Etendeka Mountain Camp

Etendeka Mountain Camp Namibia 1 Etendeka Mountain Camp Namibia 2 Etendeka Mountain Camp Namibia 3

6. Fish River Lodge

Fish River Lodge Namibia 1 Fish River Lodge Namibia 2 Fish River Lodge Namibia 3

7. Fort Sesfontein Lodge

Fort Sesfontein Lodge Namibia 1 Fort Sesfontein Lodge Namibia 2 Fort Sesfontein Lodge Namibia 3

8. Gocheganas Lodge

Gocheganas Lodge Namibia 1 Gocheganas Lodge Namibia 2 Gocheganas Lodge Namibia 3

9. Impalila Island Lodge

Impalila Island Lodge Namibia 1 Impalila Island Lodge Namibia 2 Impalila Island Lodge Namibia 3

10. Kulala Desert Lodge

Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia 1 Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia 2 Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia 3

11. Little Kulala Lodge

Little Kulala Lodge Namibia 1 Little Kulala Lodge Namibia 2 Little Kulala Lodge Namibia 3

12. Little Ongava Lodge

Little Ongava Lodge Namibia 1 Little Ongava Lodge Namibia 2 Little Ongava Lodge Namibia 3

13. Mowani Mountain Camp

Mowani Mountain Camp Namibia 1 Mowani Mountain Camp Namibia 2 Mowani Mountain Camp Namibia 3

14. Mushara Bush Camp

Mushara Bush Camp Namibia 1 Mushara Bush Camp Namibia 2 Mushara Bush Camp Namibia 3

15. Mushara Lodge

Mushara Lodge Namibia 1 Mushara Lodge Namibia 2 Mushara Lodge Namibia 3

16. Ntwala Island Lodge

Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia 1 Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia 2 Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia 3

17. Okonjima Lodge

Okonjima Lodge Namibia 1 Okonjima Lodge Namibia 2 Okonjima Lodge Namibia 3

18. Olive Grove Guesthouse

Olive Grove Guesthouse Namibia 1 Olive Grove Guesthouse Namibia 2 Olive Grove Guesthouse Namibia 3

19. Ongava Lodge

Ongava Lodge Namibia 1 Ongava Lodge Namibia 2 Ongava Lodge Namibia 3

20. Serra Cafema Camp

Serra Cafema Camp Namibia 1 Serra Cafema Camp Namibia 2 Serra Cafema Camp Namibia 3

21. Susuwe Island Lodge

Susuwe Island Lodge Namibia 1 Susuwe Island Lodge Namibia 2 Susuwe Island Lodge Namibia 3

22. The Mushara Outpost

The Mushara Outpost Namibia 1 The Mushara Outpost Namibia 2 The Mushara Outpost Namibia 3

23. The Olive Exclusive

The Olive Exclusive Namibia 1 The Olive Exclusive Namibia 2 The Olive Exclusive Namibia 3

24. The Stiltz Lodge

The Stiltz Lodge Namibia 1 The Stiltz Lodge Namibia 2 The Stiltz Lodge Namibia 3

25. Villa Mushara

Villa Mushara Namibia 1 Villa Mushara Namibia 2 Villa Mushara Namibia 3

26. Wolwedans Lodge

Wolwedans Lodge Namibia 1 Wolwedans Lodge Namibia 2 Wolwedans Lodge Namibia 3


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Wedged between the Kalahari and the South Atlantic, Namibia enjoys vast potential as one of the youngest countries in Africa. In addition to having a striking diversity of cultures and national origins, Namibia is a photographer’s dream – it boasts wild seascapes, rugged mountains, lonely deserts, stunning wildlife, colonial cities and nearly unlimited elbow room.<...

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