Camp Kalahari

The legendary hunter and crocodile catcher, Jack Bousfield set off through the Botswana bush one day, armed with a tattered sketch-map of an early 19C explorer. He headed into territory unvisited for 100 years. Today this is where Camp Kalahari is found, offering a return to the traditional safari style of the old explorers.


Camp Kalahari, Botswana Camp Kalahari, Botswana Camp Kalahari, Botswana

In the style of Jack's original camps, is a large and comfortable thatched library, lounge and dining area; here Guests can relax and enjoy the serenity and peace of this enchanting area. Camp Kalahari has ten Meru tents: Seven twin tents, two double tents and one family unit comprising two twin tents with an inter-leading bathroom.

All tents have en suite outdoor bathrooms, flush loos and the hottest wettest showers in the Kalahari. The tent interiors are classic old safari style, replete with comfy beds, crunchy cotton sheets, stripy African blankets and hot water bottles in winter.

Camp Kalahari's chef is a talented chap, noted for his tasty soups and particularly for his Pilli-Pilli Ho-Ho, a lethal concoction of chillies marinated in sherry and gin. Smeared over one's breakfast eggs, it's just the thing to sharpen sleepdulled wits in preparation for whatever adventures await!

The Guides at Camp Kalahari team up with a small group of Zu’hoasi Bushmen to guide our Guests on a morning's walk, offering a window into the past, The Bushmen teach us how they have survived in this harshest of environments, using their vast and ancient knowledge of plants, animal behaviour and survival skills. A safari to Camp Kalahari is also a complete desert experience focusing on species unique to the area such as aardvark, gemsbuck and springbuck. Guests are also virtually guaranteed of seeing the rare and elusive brown hyaena and are able to walk through the Kalahari with a gang of habituated but wild meerkats!


Camp Kalahari

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Camp Kalahari reservation enquiry


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Camp Kalahari Botswana

Botswana is an unspoiled land of timeless beauty - striking salt pans, diamond-rich deserts, fertile flood plains, vast grasslands, and flatlands punctuated with dramatic rocky outcrops. Botswana's natural appeal lies in its stunning and seemingly endless wilderness, prolific wildlife, cultural diversity, and welcoming people.

Botswana is truly one of Africa's top safari destinations, teeming with game and bird-life, thanks in large part to a strong commitment to wildlife protection and management and environmental conservation. Botswana is home to the world renowned Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, the Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve, where animals roam freely and offer visitors superb safari experiences.


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