Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp is a warm, friendly place situated in the Huab River Valley in one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Namibia; as such it offers endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys and soaring inselberg of the Brandberg Mountains.


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Damaraland Camp is a rare synergy which integrates the local community and the environment with sustainable ecotourism, and has won an array of awards including the 2005 WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award, one of the top two global travel environmental awards in the world.

Located on the north face of the Haub River valley 90 kilometres from Torra Bay, the camp is situated in the mountainous region of north-west Namibia. 10 large en-suite, adobe-style thatched units that are raised off the ground, each with a walk-in dressing area and a large deck on which to sit and contemplate the wonders of the desert. The spacious living area combines the dining area, bar and fireplace. There is a swimming pool next to the bar. New technology combined with ancient knowledge has produced an eco-friendly yet high performance design. An open campfire and outdoor 'boma' are enjoyed during calm evenings and stargazing is superb thanks to the crystal-clear night skies.

Large wildlife is not concentrated year-round here, the natural cycle of rainfall dictating its seasonal movements along the Huab River. Activities include nature drives, walks and mountain biking during which guests can see species such as desert-adapted elephant, gemsbok, greater kudu springbok, and occasionally cheetah and black rhino as well interesting flora like euphorbias and shepherd's trees. The area also has some of Africa's best rock engravings including the famous Twyfelfontein etchings.

Early morning fog generated by the icy Atlantic Ocean and the warm desert air of the Skeleton Coast drift inland, providing precious water to the flora and fauna, all of which has adapted superbly to this harsh environment. Considering the proximity of the concession to the stark Skeleton Coast National Park and true Namib Desert, this area is home to a surprisingly high diversity of wildlife. The 350 000-hectare Torra Conservancy supports a healthy number of desert-adapted elephants. There are good populations of Hartman's mountain zebra, southern giraffe, gemsbok, springbok, cheetah, spotted and brown hyaena.

Birding is excellent with raptors including Martial Eagle, Lappet-faced Vulture and Pale Chanting Goshawk. Ephemeral pools in the Huab sometimes harbour Black Crake, South African Shelduck, Hamerkop and Three-banded Plover. The endemic Benguela Long-billed Lark is common on the rocky slopes here, its plaintive whistling call an evocative sound. Common camp visitors include Pale-winged Starling, Mountain Wheatear, Rüppell's Korhaan and Cape Bunting, while Namaqua Sandgrouse are often startled between the tents. Along the dry Huab River with its large camel thorn trees, Common Scimitarbill, Acacia Pied Barbet and perhaps a roosting Spotted Eagle-Owl can be found.


Damaraland Camp

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Damaraland Camp Namibia

Namibia is one of those dreamlike places that make you question whether something so visually orgasmic could actually exist. Time and space are less defined here. Landscapes collide. Experiences pile up. Watch a lion stalking its prey on a never-ending plain in Etosha. Fly down a giant dune on a sandboard. Spend a night alone in the desert under a sky so thick with stars you can’t differentiate between constellations.


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