Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp is situated in the ruggedly beautiful Damaraland area, on a small, rocky outcrop within the floodplain of a small tributary of the Huab River.


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Doro Nawas Camp is situated in the ruggedly beautiful Damaraland area, on a small, rocky outcrop within the floodplain of a small tributary of the Huab River. This exciting new destination is a joint venture between Namibian investors, the local Doro Nawas community and Wilderness Safaris.

The camp is located in the valley of the dry Aba-Huab River with spectacular views of the Etendeka Mountains to the north and the red sandstone cliffs of Twyfelfontein (famous for its San rock engravings) to the south. The unique lodge design allows for an unspoilt panoramic view of this diverse and dramatic landscape, which varies from tabletop outcrops, small canyons, dry riverbeds to savannah and grassland vistas. The magnificent terrain holds all the possibility for a sighting of the rare desert-adapted elephant while enjoying a nature drive or relaxing, viewing the stars from the rooftop of the main area or from your private unit veranda.

Guests are housed in 16 units which combine natural stone and canvas walls with wood and glass doors, shaded by a thatch roof. The design and decor blends into the surrounding scenery, with attention to comfort and luxury in these sometimes-abrasive semi-arid desert conditions. Each unit consists of a bedroom that leads out to a veranda and outdoor shower. En-suite facilities include a shower, his and her basins and a flush toilet.

The main area is made up of indoor and outdoor rooftop dining areas, residential pool area, bar, curio and small gallery and leads to a picturesque courtyard and staircase to the roof that allows for relaxing sundowners and stargazing. Enjoy wholesome meals in the dining room and in the evenings absorb the dazzling African skies from your rooftop terrace before settling down for the night.

Activities include nature drives appreciating the spectacular views and desert scenery. Wildlife viewing concentrates on the game found in the riverbed and along the valleys that sometimes fill with floodwater in the rainy season. A highlight is the fascinating expedition to Twyfelfontein with its renowned San art engravings, and the largest collection of petroglyphs (prehistoric rock art) in Africa.

 Doro Nawas provides a memorable quality service and an excellent base for guests exploring the local area in game drive vehicles and creates a wonderful opportunity to contribute to economic empowerment of the local community while enjoying a luxury safari experience. The combination of Africa past and present makes for a fascinating visit. Desert elephant, oryx, kudu, springbok, ostrich and variety of other species that can live in a desert environment are found here. Possibly black rhinoceros and Hartmann's mountain zebra can be seen.

Twyfelfontein: This area is a short drive southwest of the Petrified Forest and contains a veritable treasure house of rock engravings and paintings. This is probably the largest and most spectacular collection of its kind in Africa - depicting many species of animals, among them elephants, rhinos, giraffes and lions. Many are very skillfully done. The barren surroundings and rock-strewn slopes seem a most unlikely place for any living habitation, but there is a small spring near the base of the hill and this provides water for both people and animals within the area.


Doro Nawas Camp

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Doro Nawas Camp Namibia

Namibia is one of those dreamlike places that make you question whether something so visually orgasmic could actually exist. Time and space are less defined here. Landscapes collide. Experiences pile up. Watch a lion stalking its prey on a never-ending plain in Etosha. Fly down a giant dune on a sandboard. Spend a night alone in the desert under a sky so thick with stars you can’t differentiate between constellations.


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