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The Stiltz claims to offer the most spectacular views in Swakopmund overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Swakop river-bed, the sand dunes and the bird rich lagoon at the river mouth.


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The Stiltz claims to offer the most spectacular views in Swakopmund overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Swakop river-bed, the sand dunes and the bird rich lagoon at the river mouth. If that does not take your breath away, the architecture of these wooden bungalows, all of which are built on stilts, will. Each private bungalow has been attended to in the finest detail, interlinked by wooden walkways to the others and to the main dining bungalow.

You will feel in a different space, yet you are only minutes away from the Swakopmund town centre with restaurants, lots of activities and other amenities. The units are shaped rather like igloos and are all linked by walkways. The interiors are colourful, quirky, artistic and stylish, each unit having its own individual look. Light fittings at the entrance are fashioned creatively out of copper, all the bed linen is white, and curtains and drapes are bright organza drapes in varying glitzy colours of orange and gold, turquoise and blue, reds and purples. The bathrooms are especially eclectic with their rosewood doorframes, walls of coloured steel sheeting and terracotta floor tiles with crazy designs and colours.

Furnishings in the living area includes a couch (made of blue-gum wood collected in the Swakop River) facing a large panoramic window with a view of the sea and the riverine environment. Each unit has a mini-bar, a heater and a balcony on which you can sit in director-style fold-up chairs, all handmade by craftsmen especially for The Stiltz.

Swakopmund, Namibia's second biggest town and traditional "summer capital", is one of the most surreal places in this land of contrasts. The town has been lovingly nicknamed "Sleeping Beauty" by the locals, as the town is almost always covered in a mist in the mornings and evenings. Most of the salt-roads, are lined with palm trees and Bavarian spires and elaborate Germanic architecture rise through the fog banks.

The boom of the surf on the coastline is an ever-present reminder of the icy Atlantic Ocean beyond. Swakopmund exudes romance and history, a rich cultural melting pot of old and new. This small town has exquisite bakeries and delicatessens, which display mostly German delicacies such as cheeses, meat, and of course a variety of beer, still made according to the "Reinheitsgebot".

The town is surrounded by the Namib Naukluft Park, one of the most enchanting desert wilderness areas in Africa, perfect for one-day trips. The apparently barren Namib Desert is home to a huge variety of plant, insect, reptile and animal species, there for the finding by careful observers. Just outside town is the extraordinary Moon Landscape, a series of bizarre hills that look like pictures taken of Mars, best visited at sunrise or sunset. A bit further a field, in the bed of the Khan River, is the oasis of Goanikontes, a lush splash of water and vegetation in the barren Namib.

One of the many highlights, especially for adrenalin junkies, is definitely quad biking. Few experiences come close to the feeling and exquisite beauty of racing within the dunes of the Namib Desert, to emerge on a peak and behold the vast ocean stretching across the horizon. Also on offer is sand boarding on some of the oldest desert and biggest sand dunes on the planet, camel rides, off-road driving as well as a host of other attractions, including excursions by boat to see dolphins and seals, shore-based angling (some of the best in Africa), skin diving, surfing or just simply lazing on the beach.


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The Stiltz Lodge Namibia

Namibia is one of those dreamlike places that make you question whether something so visually orgasmic could actually exist. Time and space are less defined here. Landscapes collide. Experiences pile up. Watch a lion stalking its prey on a never-ending plain in Etosha. Fly down a giant dune on a sandboard. Spend a night alone in the desert under a sky so thick with stars you can’t differentiate between constellations.


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